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1. Well, as you can see from my sig, I've cosplayed Eowyn before. Not for a convention, but because a few of my friends and I decided to go to the opening of RotK in costume. It was my first huge sewing undertaking, and I still have the dress. It still fits, too, maybe even better than it did when I first made it. ^^ I gave myself a Quenya name once, but I didn't create a character around it. =P

2. I started reading the books because my dad and I were at a movie one summer and saw the very first theatrical poster for LotR...the one with Frodo looking all ominous with the Ring held out in front of him. I had to ask my dad what it was from, and we got home and he gave me his old, well-loved set of the books. I finished them long before the first movie was released.

3. Movies? I loved them. I recognize that there were a lot of changes (I feel sorry for poor Glorfindel. He gets cheated out of every attempt to movie-fy LotR.) but I think that its impossible to adapt a book to the big screen without changing some things. Great books do not necessarily equal great movies.

4. I guess if I had to choose a race, I'd choose the Elves. Who wouldn't? But character-wise, I'd much rather play Eowyn. She's such a strong character, one of the few developed female characters in the whole series, and she does amazing things even within the limits of her humanity. Eowyn=LOVE

EDIT: TariElensar: Check out this site.

I'm getting my ears for my Zelda costume from this site. Their prices are very reasonable, though I'm not sure how well they blend. I think its still recommended that you use liquid latex to make the ear tip look more natural, but these people specialize in LotR and other fantasy styles. =D
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