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1. I cosplay Arwen, mostly, but I really love Eowyn too. I think I look more like Eowyn. But since I'm in love with Aragorn I like to do Arwen ;___;
2. I read the books in fifth grade, which twelve years ago, something like that. I was a little reticent about the movies at first, because I thought they might lose the feel of the books, but was pleasantly surprised. One of the strongest fan-moments of my life was the movie prologue to Fellowship, with Galadriel talking, with THAT MUSIC playing...I was awed and overwhelmed.
3. Oops, I already answered this question. I do think the movies lose a little bit of the hobbits-eye view that the books had. I also don't like what they did with Arwen (being Glorifindel, then later "tied to the fate of the ring") but what else were they going to do? She had to do SOMETHING if she was going to be the love interest of a major character. I can't really fault them for her randomness.
4. No particular race. Just favorite characters.

Yay Lord of the Rings! I'm glad we started a thread on it. I've done the Arwen Mourning Gown, Eowyn Shield Maiden, and Arwen Rose Dress, but all three were when I was very new to cosplay and I'm not really happy with any of them. Top of my LOTR list presently is a re-do of my Arwen Mourning gown, but it won't happen for years. I put my Masquerade commitments at the top of my list and that doesn't leave room for much else. ;_;
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