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How "used" does an item have to be? This might be a dumb question, but if I have a wig that's never been used or worn, it still counts as "used" enough for the non-commission categories, because I did not make it, right?

I think the starting categories sound good, and seem to cover all the basics! ^_^

Since it was established in the other thread that buyers would definitely take into consideration the join date and post count of commissioners, it would be detrimental for established users to create new accounts for the purposes of commissioning or selling, will there be any chance at all for people to be able to change their usernames?
Even once, and/or even for a fee?
The last time people were able to change their usernames was back in 2005. Maybe it's time for another name change period? Please?
The new site seems to run on member ID numbers, not member names, which makes changing things a lot easier.
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