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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
Correct - no new/pre-made items are allowed - and this is a decision based on one very important thing. There are dozens of resellers who would start flooding the classifieds with hundreds of advertisements each, which defeats the purpose. I would literally have to bring someone in full-time just to watch the marketplace at that point, and that's useless when the marketplace is designed to be a 100% free place to advertise.

The only way around this is a blanket rule. Unfortunately it catches a few genuine people in the mix who just want to post a couple of pre-made items every month. But my point is that in a situation where anyone can post pre-made items, your items will fall down the list faster than a photo does on our photo page. And that's no good for anyone.

I'll probably eventually come up with a way around this, but the goal is to first get the marketplace running again.
Thanks for the clarification.
I know I'd much rather have this rule, and not be able to make pre-made items to put in the Marketplace myself, than to see dozens upon dozens of reseller ads!
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