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Great I cant wait to see the new marketplace.
Is there going to be a category that can encompass all the categories of the compleat costume. Or is a commissioner going to have to post in every category. Or can they just post in the over all 1 and have it be displayed in all. I realize what I am trying to say is a little confusing but it is the best way I know how.

Ok here is an example. If you are a commissioner for hire and you can make wigs/costume/props and would like to post in one category... can you? Because if a customer would just like to check if a commissioner can make all the costume I don't think that they would want to be looking in all the category's.... for one person? I know some commissioners specialize in one category but there are others that can do both and more.

I think if there were it would make it a lot simpler for the commissioner and the customer to work in one place rather than the other.

So.... all in all I think there should be an everything category with the others as well to make it simpler. Sub divided can work all the same but could cause a lot more posts buy the same person trying to display their services in all.

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