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First, let me start by apologizing to GreyCat over the whole fuss that was thrown a few pages apologies.

Name of Commissioner : Dream-Angels

Website/ gallery :

Character commissioned and series/video game : Albel Nox - Star Ocean 3 (top, bottom, gloves, and stockings)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item :

Timeline (how long your order took to process) : First contacted them about in on July 31st. Took a month for them to send me a quote for pricing. First payment was sent on August 28th, 2007. Item received January 3rd, at the con I was supposed to wear it at (wasn't finished in time to mail it out...)

BTW, this should have been the first warning...the sloppiness of the e-mails and conversation.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. - This entire process was a disaster. After not hearing from them for literally months, unless of course it was for another commission my girlfriend wanted done for Ohayocon, Anna begins to start to contact me a week before the con, telling me that there might no tbe enough time to have it finished and shipped out in time to get here before the con, and that she will bring it with her. This is of course basically a week before the con, and then they fall off the map again. I have no replies to my e-mails, no cell phone numbers to contact them...nothing. Just a hope that she will in fact show up with them, and that everything is well made and fits properly. Well made...that's a joke.

First off, lets look at the skirt piece -

That's it. A plain piece of cloth...not hemmed, not with gold fabric around the edges...o no, just fabric paint...which hardened so it'll probably never lay flat...with elastic strips to tie it together. Not elastic all the way through, just 2 small pieces barely sewn on the edges. I could have made this better myself, and I can barely, compare that piece to the price breakdown from the delayed quote : 95$. 95$ for a piece of cloth, some fabric paint, and 2 small pieces of elastic.

How about the stockings -

Notice that nice piece of tape residue still on there? Did I mention the bottom of the stockings weren't finished at all? No seems, no hems, nothing...granted they fit in the boot, but if you chrage me $35 for stockings, I expect them to be, ya know, stockings, not to pieces of fabric sewn together, open on both sides...

The gloves were a finishing touches on the top, seams were ripping everywhere...fingers were "jumbled" up at the seams...granted, you can't see much of this in pictures, but to me, it was a joke...o, and they were $90.

The only good part of this costume was the shirt/top. But again, instead of properly finishing it, there were 2 small pieces of elastic to tie the neck together in the back.

O, and the prop that sits on the back of the costume? It was made from matte, the stuff you frame posters and such with? 70$ for poorly painted matte board.

The belt? The gold which was supposed ot have "belt loops" on it? A piece of yellow fabric poorly sewn together. The actual belt (red part over the yellow)? A piece of thin, come on. I had to run to Wal-Mart the morning of the con to get a replacement.

There are so many things I want to say right now about this. The fact that I pushed you guys as some of the best commissioners out there and then you shit on both me and my girlfriend (that review is coming later). The fact you asked us to put up reviews for the previous costumes you made for us for exposure (in which were missing pieces as well), in which we still did. The fact I paid almost 300 dollars for this catastrophe of fabric and have the nerve to ask me to my face if "everything was alright?" knowing damn well both these costumes were pieces of shit. The fact that others are telling me now that you don't care how these costumes come out because you're getting out of cosplay anyways...yet are still screwing over buyers? I did my best to help you guys get exposure on here and help you get as many commissions as possible, but that ends now.

Do not buy from Dream-Angels.

Again, I apologize to everyone that I got into it with over their quality and such, I was in the wrong.

Final Grade : D...just for the fact that you did deliver something...

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