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I admit I was kind of blessed the time I did LoTR with some friends. I always liked the Hobbits and Gandalf... so I realized early on either choice I went with didn't involve the armor designs some of my friends faced.

I ended up going as a Wizard, and the toughest part was just getting a staff that looked decent. I spent like two months shopping around, and finally found one at store near me that handles auctions of unwanted stuff for people. Like Ebay, only without the internet. Was beautifully hand carved, and was dirt cheap too. It had obviously been made by someone with a hobby in woodworking which was kind of cool, because it didn't look factory made.

As for LoTR online... I tried it once, but just didn't ever get into it. I thought it was a pretty solid game, it did just the right amount of copying other MMORPGs before it yet also bringing in it's own unique ideas that it was fun, stood out, and was certainly not a bad game. It just didn't grab me. I think it's just, well, Tolkien. Trying to cover that to fantasy fans is like trying to cover the bible for baptists. Plus it may just be I'm burnt on fantasy MMORPGs though, I'm waiting for Stargate before I do MMORPGs again. I can totally see why folks could like it, it's just for me his world will stay in his books for me.
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