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Ok, I admit to being a bit confused by the rules already. :/

8) All items posted for sale must be used/pre-owned items. NO RESELLERS ALLOWED. Breaking this rule is the fastest way to get banned from the site completely.
These are the rules discussed previously, but you had also mentioned that no pre-made-for-the-purpose-of-selling items:
Originally Posted by Admin View Post
Correct - no new/pre-made items are allowed - and this is a decision based on one very important thing. There are dozens of resellers who would start flooding the classifieds with hundreds of advertisements each, which defeats the purpose. I would literally have to bring someone in full-time just to watch the marketplace at that point, and that's useless when the marketplace is designed to be a 100% free place to advertise.

The only way around this is a blanket rule. Unfortunately it catches a few genuine people in the mix who just want to post a couple of pre-made items every month. But my point is that in a situation where anyone can post pre-made items, your items will fall down the list faster than a photo does on our photo page. And that's no good for anyone.

I'll probably eventually come up with a way around this, but the goal is to first get the marketplace running again.
The actual rules don't specifically mention items that you make expressly for selling, so has the original intention changed? It does say things must be used or pre-owned, but it clarifies this by saying "no resellers", so maybe people are interpreting Rule 8 slightly differently than you intended.

Because it looks like there's already a number of non-resale, but not commissioned (pre-made to sell) items up in the Marketplace.
Either this rule may require more policing, or else could have additional clarification about making items for sale?
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