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Originally Posted by KittyCanuck View Post
Ok, I admit to being a bit confused by the rules already. :/

These are the rules discussed previously, but you had also mentioned that no pre-made-for-the-purpose-of-selling items:

The actual rules don't specifically mention items that you make expressly for selling, so has the original intention changed? It does say things must be used or pre-owned, but it clarifies this by saying "no resellers", so maybe people are interpreting Rule 8 slightly differently than you intended.

Because it looks like there's already a number of non-resale, but not commissioned (pre-made to sell) items up in the Marketplace.
Either this rule may require more policing, or else could have additional clarification about making items for sale?
Yeah I think clarification is needed too. It's only a few ads breaking the intended rule right now but it'll soon be a hundred.
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