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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
Yeah I think clarification is needed too. It's only a few ads breaking the intended rule right now but it'll soon be a hundred.
Thank you!
I figured if there were some people misunderstanding the rule and posting pre-made items already after only 12 hours of the Marketplace being open, there'd be hundreds as soon as everyone knows that the Marketplace is back in operation.

Should we report that kind of thing? I wasn't sure, since it wasn't an option in the Report drop-down.

Don't get my wrong, anyone, I have nothing against cosplayers trying to make some honest money by making & selling cosplay items, but remember that the old Classifieds section was shut down due to massive abuse, and I for one would hate to get off on the wrong foot with the new Marketplace. I'm not trying to be a picky rule lawyer. :/
If you hand-make and sell cosplay items/props/etc, is a great site to sell your pre-made ones from. ^_^
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