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Axel de Lioncourt
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Greetings, few of you might better know me as VenturertheHybrid (or Ven-Chan) @ =

I mostly specialize in video game cosplay, in both props and costumes. My best specialty is costumes for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7 series, Team Fortress 2, and Legend of Zelda, as well as creating original works for Steampunk, Renaissance, Pirate, or Fantasy outfits and props (yes, I can create WoW costumes, please profile front, back and side shots of your character as I will not go by description alone, not a WoW gamer myself). All I ask is no commissions for conventions sooner than 3 months away from the con date. This gives me enough time to collect materials and work on your commission, however if you were to order simple, partial designs, then we can work things out. PM me here at, e-mail me @ or check me out @

Thanks <3

Axel de Lioncourt

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