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LotR was actually what really got me ino costuming! I absolutely adored the costume designs, so I would sit for hours on the net and save pictures and look at all these wonderful costume replicas people were making! It's what started me thinking that perhaps I could make costumes too!!

I'm most definitely a Rohirrim, without a doubt! I'm very much like Eowyn, feisty and not at all ladylike :P Plus I'm very much an earthy person, not like the elves :P Eowyn is definitely my favourite character, though I look more like Arwen with my pale skin and dark hair.

Thus far I've done one LotR costume - Eowyn's Shieldmaiden outfit. I was so happy with how it turned out, I think it's my best costume thus far (apart from my Victorian bustle dress, but that's not cosplay). I would like to make a few other Eowyn costumes - white wool, green gown, Dernhelm, Refugee and coat, Coronation. I'd also like to make Arwen's Chase dress and her mourning gown.
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