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Hehehe it's always the way! I'm too tall to be a hobbit and not quite tall enough to be an elf (though I am tall for a chicky), so I'm happy with being a plain old human :P

I have some pictures Here in my photobucket. I was always more of a fan of her outfits because they're feminine and fitted rather than being columny and rectaingular like the elves. And this is probably my favourite of her outfits! And please excuse the brown hair, I actually had ordered a wig, but the company waited until two weeks after I ordered it to inform me they could no longer get the colour I wanted, and it didn't leave enough time to order a different one.

I totally know the feeling! I have fabric for the chase dress, but just no time to make it because I have other costumes to work on, plus making normal clothes that I need for everyday!
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