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Commissioner: Lawrara (Clara Wong)


Commissioned:Ragnarok Online Sniper ($250 with shipping, $180 orig price)


Time:January 21, 2008 to March 14, 2008 (Including shipping time.)

Experience: This was my first commission besides buying a pre-made costume from ebay, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Here's the transaction history:

Jan21: Sent Lawrara request with picture.
Jan22: Clara(Lawrara Commissioner) replies. Gives price and asks for measurements.
Jan29: Reply with measurements and more reference and drawing of subject commission. (I draw decently, so I assume I didn't hinder her commissioning.)
Jan30: Clara replies saying she has gotten my email and has started. Asks for payment decision(paypal, money order,etc.) along with postage decision(ie fast mailing or slow mailing). I reply with the cheaper mailing way.
Jan31:Clara says she has sent invoice and makes sure my address is in the US. I reply yes.
Feb1: Clara replies saying she has gotten my payment and adds "Due to Snow storm in china, the factory has just stopped running. We will do your order as soon as the condition is getting stable." I reply with the request she email me as soon as they start on my costume. Sounded fishy, but benefit of the doubt.
Feb9: I got impatient Asked if weather cleared yet. She replies same day that it is and their government needs some time to reset road conditions.
Feb19: Seems like it's going no where with me paying and then a weather change. Sent a notice, a polite one (very polite), about no updates. I ask her if she is able to commission and if impossible, a refund and that's all. No fuss. I get no reply.
Feb24: I send another email saying my plans of a refund on Feb 26 since paypal only gives you about a month or so to make a report. I give her two days notice and the option of renewing the transaction if she wants to continue the commission.
Feb25: Clara replies that she has not been in HK in two weeks. She respects my wishes and says i can cancel if i want.
Feb26: I go with renewing transaction and ask if that's okay with her.
Feb27: Replies with excuses of absence from before and says okay to renewing.
Mar1: I ask for a bill to be sent to me again. She sends invoice.
Mar10: Clara says she has sent costume.
Mar14: I receive slip that USPS guy passed and costume is at post office. I pick up on 15th.

I'd say a decent experience. No fuss. Resolved problems quickly. I have to say, i'm not satisfied with the costume in precision to the reference picture but with the time she had and the fuss (i think) I made, it was pretty good.

Grade: 9/10 customer service. she was understanding. 7/10 for costume (picky about precision. price to me is high for precision.)
16/20 = Final grade B

PS: Selling this costume. Message me for details. Going to ebay on March 25.
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