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Originally Posted by C-chan View Post

You came to me with a last minute commission and I agreed to it but I could never promise you that I can make it on time because I was already fully booked.

I helped you in my free time to find shoes, a plushy and UNDERWEAR. I even took the time to figure out the sizes for you.

Then I ordered Chobits ears, spools and a wig for you! All on my name and under my effort. Not to mention that you were a getting a free wig styling.

I told you many times that I'll get back to you as soon as there are news but you're bombarding me with mails and messages up to 8x a day just to tell me if I could help you with this and that.

You didn't send 50% of the down payment yet so I spent some stuff out of my pocket that you haven't even paid for yet!

I think you have no reason to complain at that point! So far you owe me money for all the things I already spent and did for you!

I can't be online 24/7 and I can't help you with everything. I have a life and other costumes that had to be done before yours.
Sorry to but in, but I have to agree with C-Chan. Like Kanira stated, don't post reviews until they are completed, for atleast your deadline was like.. 2 months past. Be patient.

I recommend you two carry this matter over email.
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