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Originally Posted by lunaladyoflight View Post
I never use a human-hair hairspray on wigs. It doesn't hold as well as a wig spray which is specially formulated for synthetic hair. In my experience it holds much better.
Warning: Frank and insensitive Ghost has been unleashed!
This is not true, to be blunt.
Wigs es plastic! They need no "special" hairspray product designed specifically for wigs, because more than half the time those "special" hairsprays are a scam. Wigs are non porus: regardless of whatever extra ingredients are used in this wig spray you speak of, they aren't going to absorb any of it, so it's useless. Regular cheap, Texas big hair approved lacquer only hairsprays such as Aquanet is quite simply the best hairspray to use.
(And yes, I have used both. And yes I have years of experience. And yes, unlike you I'm not pimping my business by making things seem harder than they really are).
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