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Originally Posted by Ghost613 View Post
Warning: Frank and insensitive Ghost has been unleashed!
This is not true, to be blunt.
Wigs es plastic! They need no "special" hairspray product designed specifically for wigs, because more than half the time those "special" hairsprays are a scam. Wigs are non porus: regardless of whatever extra ingredients are used in this wig spray you speak of, they aren't going to absorb any of it, so it's useless. Regular cheap, Texas big hair approved lacquer only hairsprays such as Aquanet is quite simply the best hairspray to use.
(And yes, I have used both. And yes I have years of experience. And yes, unlike you I'm not pimping my business by making things seem harder than they really are).
I never said they absorb anything. Since this is part of my degree (Theatre production in design for costumes, wigs, makeup and props), my wig professor told me that Wig Spray was better to use than hairspray. For just the reasons you stated. Hairspray is meant to bond to porous fiber, wig spray is made for NON-porous fiber.

Plus some human hairsprays are non water soluble, and will NOT wash out completely if you goof up a style. Leaving you semi-screwed. Wig spray is completely water soluble. Also Wig sprays have less alcohol in them and is less damaging to wigs (think your dye job washing away). Wig spray also doesn't leave a heavy buildup like hairspray.

I have to know all this because it's part of what I do.

And I'm not pimping my wig business, people come to me because they want me. I've had to drop my own costumes for an upcoming con because of how many wig commissions I have.

Also remember that some people would rather pay a professional to get it right, than try it themselves and be unsatisfied.

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