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Name of Commissioner: Dream Angels
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Rinoa's Ballroom Dress (Final Fantasy 8)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Haven't taken pictures yet, the con is this weekend
Timeline and Shipping: Well, I contacted her in mid January. We sent emails back and forth for a week or two. I was basically asking a bunch of questions to make sure the dress was perfect, and details about sizing and such. I asked her if she could get the dress here by early March. She said that that would be possible. I then got the dress in early march like I was suppose to. ^___^
Communication: Very Excellent Seller. She kept good communication the whole time and allowed me to ask any questions I needed to. She was very polite. I always knew what was going on with my dress whenever I needed to, and any and every question I had was answered within 24-48 hours.
Product: The dress I got was the perfect size. It fit me nicely. It's very pretty and just what I expected. It's actually better and of a stronger material than I thought it would be. It's simple, pretty, and perfect. I love it.
Final Grade: A
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