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Name of Commissioner: Cosplay1
Website/ gallery: /
Character commissioned and series/video game: 1. Soi Fong - Bleach - Both outfits (captain outfit & combat outfit) & Suzumebachi weapon prop
2. Howling Star - Dragonauts - complete outfit
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Soi Fong: & &
Howling Star: &
Would've have pics of me & my friend wearing them, but the con is next week & right now aint got time for taking pics
Timeline: It was kinda like a last minute order (we tried other places and finally came across this site). From start to finish it was about 2 months for all 3 outfits (2 for Soi Fong 1 for Howling Star). We were cutting it really close to the con date, but the costumes were delivered as promised 1 week before.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. Overall it was way better than other sites due to the fact that the price and quality were way better. While other sites wanted $300+ for the Soi Fong outfits & almost $300 for the Howling Star one, on this site they only costed $230 & $190 respectively (add $50 for Howling Star because it was a much later request & I was told it could not be done on time, but paid extra so it could). Even though at first she said that the weapon prop and arm bands for Soi Fong were not included, she actually did them (those arm bands were the ONLY ONES that fitted my friend after buying 2 set from different places online that did not fittted her). Communication was descent and she actually acted upon the feedback that I gave her after seeing some progress shots (and did a great job).
Final Grade: A-
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