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Name of Commissioner: Rui / T.Narcheska
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Rakka from Haibane Remei, Ayame from Tenchu, Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros.

Timeline: a little over 1 month
Cons: For Rakka the white fabric is a little see-through, but its nothing major. I also asked for two slits for the wings and only got one large opening, but I think it will actually work better this way, just a little inaccurate. However for Ayame, the pants don't fit the way that they should (on the hips), the top is a little too large, and I don't particularly like the fabric choice for the "chainmail" on the front, but it's nothing I can't fix. The Dr. Girlfriend one came out the best: no cons.
Pros: The construction is wonderful, everthing is serged and its just like the reference. This is my second time commissioning from her and she's always so friendly and quick with communication. I highly recommend her to anyone. She included all the lovely accessories, which I wasn't expecting. She works extremely fast and sends lots of progress shots. Shipping was pretty expensive though, but it was from Singapore (and also very quick) so I understand. Everything was packaged very nicely.

Final grade: A-

Future Costumes
Carmilla - Vampire Hunter D
Haydee - Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Barioth Blademaster - Monster Hunter
Lulu- FFX
Gwendolyn - Odin Sphere

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