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Working with Faux/ Fake fur FAQ

Looks like faux fur is one of the many fabrics used to make cosplay costumes. Sadly, I see most people use it the wrong way, cut it wrong, or simply purchase the wrong stuff. I decided to create a resource and FAQ list to help you all to shed your fear on using faux fur.

Great places to purchase faux fur
Distinctive Fabrics
Crs Crafts NOTE: AVOID buying the Fun fur!!
I'm stuffed Fur

What is Fun Fur?
This is the lowest of the low when it comes to quality of faux fur. Its nasty, course, and just plain icky. Its so thin, that if you put it up to a light, you can see through the backing. It doesn't even look and feel like real fur! Sure, its inexpensive, but you will truly regret buying it. I would avoid buying this at all cost, unless you want to work cheap.

How do I cut fur?
When cutting fur, your trying not to get the 'shaved' effect. This can easily be done. When cutting fur, remember to cut only the backing, not the fur! To do this, simply slip scissors under the backing and began to cut. If your scissors jams, that means your not cutting correctly and cutting the fur.

The best way to cut fur is with a razor blade. Its much more easier than scissors and can give you nice, clean affects. When cutting fur, simply use enough pressure on the blade to cut the fur backing. Be sure not to press too hard or you'll shave the fur.

Here is a helpful tutorial on how to cut fur with scissors.

Make sure your fur is running the right direction before you cut. Its wise to mark the backing with a arrow going down when you find the direction of the fur.

How do I sew fur?
Its quite simple. If you want to sew two pieces of fur together, tuck the fur fibers in and sew. If fur gets stuck in the seams, you can comb them out with a Slicker Brush, comb or hook them out with a sewing needle.

Remember, when sewing fur you have to have a seam allowance.

What kind of thread and needles should I use?
Personally, I use all-purpose thread and I didn't run into any problems yet. However, I reccommend a stronger thread for sewing bodysuits, known as heavy-duty or upholstery thread. As for needles for hand sewing, standard needles will do, though curved needles can make hiding seams easier and sewing tight place (like heads). For machines, I'd suggest a denim/heavy fabric needle. Be forewarned that you will get snapping needles, so be sure to stock up!

How much do I expect to pay for fur?
Usually fur runs around $20 a yard. The sites I've listed about are very reliable sources to purchase fur. Be sure to plan your project before purchasing fur. You do not want to buy too little fur, or too much. Although, having extra fur can help a lot on repairs.

How do I wash fur?
There is numerous ways on washing fur. You can spot clean with water and fabric cleaner, and allow to air dry. Or, you can throw it in the washer in a GENTLE setting. When drying, NEVER EVER use heat. This will melt the fur, since its basically plastic. The safest method is to allow it to air dry. If you must use the dry cleaner, do not use heat as a setting, just allow it to tumble.

Can I dye fur?
YES. After some research and experiments, I found out that RIT DYE can work for dying fur effectively. When dying your fur, do NOT use boiling water, or you will melt the fur! Simply use hot water (not 'burning'), and allow the fur to sit in the Rit Dye 'bath' for about 30 minutes (or longer, I only tested this on samples of fur). Wring all the water out, brush (since the fur is nappy), and allow to dry. Once dry, water down the fur until the water runs clear, then allow to dry once more and brush until soft. Although this is not a permanent dye, it lasts long and is great for those hard to get colors.

You can also 'coat' the fur in a different color. The best method is to air brush the fur with an air brush kit. However, complete air brush kits with compressors will cost you a good $150 or higher. Click here for a how-to on air brushing faux fur.

You can also 'Dry Brush' your fur. This means getting heavily watered down acrylic paint and brushing it over your fur in small amounts (a toothbrush can work). When you are finished, get a hair dryer and began to dry the fur as much as you can. When it is completely dry, you'll notice that it will be alittle hard. With a comb, begin to brush away at the fur to soften it.

How much do I need?
For someone like Matt from Death Note, Kiba from Naruto and the like, a simply yard can do it, even a half a yard. For a fur coat, I would say around 3 yards, to be on the safe side. If you would like a fursuit, buy around 4-8 yards, depending on your size. I am 5 foot 3, and 103 pounds, so I only need 4 1/2 yards of fur for a fursuit. For plush toys, you can use as little as 1/2 a yard. but 1 yard to be on the safe side once more.

Does Faux Fur shed?
Not really. Unlike real fur, faux fur doesn't shed and grow new fur. It will occasionally shed, but not nearly as bad as an actual animal.

But, they do shed when you cut the fur. No matter what, some fur will get loose when you cut in the backing. When your all done with cutting, get a fine comb and began to brush the edges to remove access fur. This will prevent fur flying around the room and getting everywhere. A vacuum is also a good technique, especially if you're shaving fur with a dog shaver.

What kind of lengths are there for faux fur?
There are simple terms used for faux fur. Seal fur is very very short fur, resembling a seal's fur (der). Short pile fur is about 1 inch long, or more. Medium pile fur is around 1 1/2 inches long, and Long Pile can range from 2-4 inches long. 4 inch fur is very rare.

How can I make a mascot/ fursuit?
The following thread is all about discussing the art of mascoting, as well as helping others who may have questions. The first post has tutorials on basic construction on mascoting.

Feel free to ask any questions if you can't find the one you are looking for an answer for.

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