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Name of Commissioner: Moon Costumes
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: 2 full outfits. Vampire Knights - Zero and Yuki.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None
Time line: March 2007 - February 2008
Describe your Experience: A friend and I ordered our outfits together and borrowed her moms credit card to pay for them. At first everything went well, they replied to emails etc. However we never got the costumes and when we emailed them to inquire they replied that the outfits had been shipped out to somewhere in L.A (We live in Canada) and signed for. They continued to email us for a short period of time insisting that the outfits had been sent. We still received nothing. Finally after about 2 months they admitted that there may have been a slight problem and were looking into it. We emailed them back saying it was fine but to please either ship us the outfits or give us a refund. They did not reply again. Me and my friend emailed them numerous more times and called many times as well to only receive an answering machine. The good news is that we finally DID receive a partial refund about a year later.
Pros: We did receive a partial refund.
Cons: We did not hear from them for an extended period of time and felt as though they thought we would eventually give up if they didn't reply (which we didn't!)
Comments: I personally feel that moon costumes COULD be reliable despite what happened to us. My other friend did order an outfit from them as well and hers came in good time and was decently made even though they shipped her wrong size. My experience may just have been unlucky but I still feel that they should not have ignored us for such an extended period of time. Therefore I'm giving them a final grade of...
Final Grade: D+
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