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Pokemon [ Gijinka ]

I'm surprised there is no thread actually focused on this. xD

I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard of the craze with the Pokemon Gijinka's lately. I know a few cons are getting group gatherings for them as well..
But there are no threads actually focused on the cosplaying, atleast none not relating to a con gathering.

The Pokemon Gijinka craze is basically human styled Pokemon. With their outfits, hair, etc resembling the Pokemon itself.

Source of the Gijinka Pictures

Photobucket with a large number of them

Rapidshare with all of the pictures

DeviantArt's Gijinka's

Male Gijinka's [ Since there are so little ]

Other people's Gijinka's!

So post your progress, which Pokemon you're planning to do, and so on. c:
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