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Severe cleavage needed!

I know, strange subject... but it's fitting =3 As a guy, especially one with very low body fat, creating cleavage is difficult. But, when you have a want to do characters like the one below, it's a big challenge.

Now understand, I don't want them THAT large.. ^^;; But believable is what I'm aiming for. The only thing I can find along the lines that I would need, is what I tend to call a "boob vest". Which is linked to below: e=SIV2

The problems with this is that it looks kinda cheap, and I'd have to match it to my skin tone once I got it. That's if I CAN do it once I've bought it.. and if I try and fail, I couldn't return it. And by the way it's cut, it seems to be aimed for things like keyhole dresses.

I know squat about making things like this.. I've never really sculpted or casted, or anything. I've always been a 2D artist. So preferably I'd like to buy something to fix this... but, I'm not adverse to learning. But, sculpting a chest wouldn't be easy for me.. and casting a pair.. well.. I don't know anyone who would let me. ^^;

Help the boobless kudasaaaaai! =3

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