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Clover L, in Silver and two packs of wefted extensions in the same colour
Alice Elliot - Shadow Hearts
I liked the idea of using this shade of silver, since it’s quite pale and can almost look white in some lighting, as apposed to being more grey. The character can either be pictured with stark white, or more silvery hair, so it worked well as a compromise.

I trimmed the bangs shorter, leaving pieces at the sides longer to conceal the hairline. I sewed in a weft right round the hairline, including some to supplement the thickness of the bangs. I used the second weft to form the back part, sewing it into a kind of seam. The packs of extensions are very generous. With all the extra wefts, it readily went into the French braids.

Alicia XL, in 130, Red Auburn
Karin Koenig - Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Extra strands cut in to make the bangs thicker, and it was put into high ponytail, supplemented with a few wefts around the hairline, and the ponytail volume increased (incidentally, the ponytail mostly consists of a spare Cleo wig! I found the Cleo wig to be far too thin for any styling, so it ended up just being used as a ponytail)

Angela 750 in 10, Light Brown
Pearl Fey - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Straightened a bit, parted to the side, bangs at the front trimmed, and the rest pulled into high ponytail. I found the wefts at the nape of the neck aren't long enough to go into that high a ponytail, so extensions would be needed around the hairline - I cheated on it though since I was short on time though. The loops are done by wrapping the ponytail around a wire frame and lots of hairspray, with extensions added to supplement the ponytail. Alone, it was too short to manage it.

Angela 750 in 130, Red Auburn
Blossom - Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z
Bangs cut in, put into a high ponytail and extensions added for length.

Ashley in 24, Golden Blonde
Karolina Dean - Runaways
Straightened a bit and parted to the side, otherwise unchanged.

Kelly in 24, Medium Blonde
Adrian Andrews - Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
For this, it was straightened slightly, bangs parted to the side and trimmed a little. I also used the wig for
Disney’s Cinderella
I found it went well enough into an updo - it’s put into a relatively low ponytail, and clipped up into the bun, which was padded out a little with batting.

Punky in 1B, Off-Black
Buttercup - Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z
Bangs cut in, and the rest styled into spikes.
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