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Talking The Wooden Swordmaking Tutorial - Katana's

Greetings users of

My name is Chioky and it is a pleasure to meet all of you. Some of you might have remembered my previous topic about "how to build your own bleach zanpakuto's" however It was my fault that I didnt update it and it fell inactive. Though I had a good reason becuase my previous swordmaking guides lacked indepth detail, pictures and step by step help. With my new and improved swordmaking tutorial you can build realistic wooden katana's all with the cheapest of hand tools and the smallest of spaces. Now im not actually a propmaker I am a swordmaker or a aristan crafstman specialised in woodworking. If you need some assurance of my skills then please feel free to visit my DeviantART page:

However wouldnt it be easier to make swords out of an easier to work with materials unlike wood? Wood comes in soft woods and hard woods. Really it would be better to make swords all out of soft wood like strip pine becuase they do not require machine tools. You should only use hard woods if your going to use the swords you make in actual combat. The last time I checked a main concept of cosplay is the imitation of your chosen character. So these swordmaking tutorial will help you build the type of sword catagory named the japanese katana. If you have any questions please feel free to ask via posting in this topic or PM.


Level 1 Swordmaking: Beginner Level

Now If you have no knowledge what so ever about woodworking, or how to handle types of tools properly, I advise using the Beginner Level of swordmaking. You will learn how the basic parts of a sword come together.


Swordmaking Guide: Part 1 (Tools and Equipment)

Swordmaking Guide: Part 2 (Planning and Cutting)

Swordmaking Guide: Part 3 (Sanding and Painting)

Swordmaking Guide: Part 4 (Fixing and Handle Wrapping)

Swordmaking Guide: Part 5 (Advanced Skills)


Level 2 Swordmaking: Intermediate Level

You have familiarised yourself with the basics of swordmaking, so you will learn how to improve the quality of the swords you make. You know how a sword comes together, but you will learn how to make the sword look elegant.


The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 1 (Tools and Equipment)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 2 (Planning and Drawing)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 3 (Cutting out the Sword)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 4 (Cutting out the Tsuba)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 5 (Sharpening the Sword)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 6 (Sculpting the Details)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 7 (Painting and Glossing)

The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 8 (Constructing the Sword)


Level 3 Swordmaking: Advanced Level

You have mastered all the basics skills of swordmaking. You will be making a sword with every single component included in the construction. The sword will have a perfect grade quality and will be a truly flawless sword.


Handle Wrapping Technique: Level 1 (Electrical Tape)

Handle Wrapping Technique: Level 2 (Cloth Tape)

Handle Wrapping Technique: Level 3 (Double Knot Ribbon)

Handle Wrapping Technique: Level 4 (Ito - Hineri Make Style)


The Scabbard/Sheath Tutorial: Part 1

The Scabbard/Sheath Tutorial: Part 2

The Scabbard/Sheath Tutorial: Part 3


Swordmaking Cost Analysis (How much money you should spend)

How to improve the handles of your katana's

How to improve the blade of your katana


A tutorial on just how to make a Tensa Zangetsu (Bleach)

A tutorial on just how to make a Sode No Shirayuki (Bleach)

A tutorial on just how to make a Benehime (Bleach)


For literally every other swordmaking tutorial go here:


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