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Name of Commissioner: Keebablue

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: For me, it took only about a few weeks to a month around late January early February, she was very quick to reply to me saying she made costumes based on a customer's budget. Plus, since she was going to get the costume done the night at the con I was attending (Sakura Con) I was invited to come see the progress.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
She was quick to start work on my costume, she even called me the day she was gone fabric shopping, telling me every detail and color she was getting to make it look close to the manga version of Utena. I was very pleased and later I sent her my measurements, needless to say she was very good at being spot on with sewing them correctly. I had no problem with fitting the costume when I was asked to visit her hotel room and trying the costume on. The only problem I had was with the epaulets were not pinned very well and I lost one unfortunatly during the convention I was at. But she promised to make it up by making a new one and sending it to me no extra charge to me. ^ _ ^ She also sold me a pink wig she had hanging around, all in all for a $100 costume, she let me have it for $90 and I would reccomend her to anyone needing a good yet accurate costume.

Final Grade:
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