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Blend of Colours Violet

Rating: A-

My eyes are naturally hazel/green/blue/gray (depending on what day it is ^^;; ). Most often, they are green with a gold rim on the inside, surrounding the pupil. These lenses are the third pair I have ever bought, and they were purchased from Fashion Contact Lenses--I love that site.

~ Very comfortable. I barely even notice I have them in.
~ Didn't move around in the eye.
~ Very affordable where I bought them; about $32.00 including S/H, I think.

~ Not as vivid and bright as I would have liked. They photograph quite well (you can really see the purple), but they aren't quite as noticeable in person. They tend to look more purple the longer you wear them (it's actually quite strange, but true), so that's good. Still not as vivid as I would have liked. That could be a pro instead of a con for some people though.
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