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Lightbulb Naruto cosplay meetup, Adelaide, SA

Hey all~!

Just seeing if anyone would like to join me and cgaussie in doing a Naruto cosplay meetup and photoshoot in May sometime.

We came up with the idea when walking through the park across from Hindmarsh Square, with those wierd white things sticking out everywhere. when cgaussie though it will make a great backdrop for Kimimaro's Boneyard.

And so, we have come to this...It would be great if we could get all of the Sound Five and of the Konoha Five~!!! Other characters are welcome too.

So far the idea is we meet somewhere - most likely the "Boneyard" square (thats what i am dubbing it now ) for photos and maybe some lunch then to the Botanic or Himeji Gardens for more photos.

Hope to see you there~!

Kimimaro - Me (sorry xD)
Gaara - cgaussie
Hinata - Hotaru_oz
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