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Hello Guys and Girls! I am looking into starting to do commissions since I have summer break coming up in two weeks. I am also looking to get more experience.

The costumes I get commissioned will be for shipment in the Fall however I will sew in the order I get payment for and ship as soon as it is complete. I accept paypal only at this time.

I have been sewing for over eight years and I have a lot of experience making my own costumes and some of my friends.

Things I make:
-Costumes only at this time
-I am more familiar with women’s costuming then I am men’s (only started making men’s stuff this year)
-I also only do elastic waist for pants to allow for more freedom of movement.
-I am looking into making more Akatsuki Robes and ANBU vest

Example of Akatsuki robe’s:

Costume for SALE!!!!
Haku from Naruto: worn only once and is freshly washed
I am asking $70+ shipping (I can negotiate on the item cost not shipping)
Size SM
Measurements: Bust: 32” Waist: 28” Hip: can fit up to 40” and fits best for a person who is 5’3”-5’7”

What is not included: sandals and headband

The one on the left is for sale:

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Future Cons:
Otakon 2008, Anime Central 2009, Pittsburgh Comic Con

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Konan Naruto Shippuden and Silent Hill Nurse

In the works:
2 for Otakon (Surprise), Heather Silent Hill, and Surprise cosplay for Anime Central.

Retired Cosplays:
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