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Originally Posted by Beatmatic View Post
hey there guys and girls heres a few abstract ones. I own these so far. I have alot more if you need pictures then let me know.

Attachment 27585

Attachment 27586

Attachment 27587

Attachment 27588

Attachment 27589

they are al custom made and expensive, $200+ i wear contacts coloured ones fairy often so my eyes can get use to them but they don't bother me much. I've ony had an irrtated eye but that was wearing them for about 14 hours ^^.

Um, the point of this thread is to show the contacts on your actual eyes,(in comparison with your natural eye color), not the thumbnail drawings from some contact website, people want to see what they actually look like, and most sotck SFX lenses look at least a bit different than the artist conception drawings.
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