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Originally Posted by Cagalli Kasshu View Post
thanks a lot!!!! i will try that. How much paler than my own skin needs to be the foundation? I live in Chile, and the paler foundation you can find here just matches my skin (we and our natives... groar). I don't have any trouble about buying things on internet, and i was thinking about buying a Kryolan one, but i really don't know what one to buy! can you (or anyone on this board) help me with that?

and yeaaah, smiling is very helpful. I'm also on the smiling-smiling side of the force, so the blush will be applied right as you said without any problems.

that's me now BTW (the female one, please ahahaha)
I love your hair! Nice colour! I usually use either a shade paler or the same colour as my skin for foundation. I think much paler would look fake. As long as it's even and has a 'natural healthy' glow, it works!

Personally, I never tried Kryolan. I use either MAC's or L'Oréal True Match liquid foundation when I don't have the money for MAC. I use either liquid or cream-duo foundation. I tried a lot of creams and all of the except MAC were really horrible though so I think liquid is a safer value. Well Rimmel's wasn't too bad despite look about 10 shades darker than my skintone but actually matching once applied. It's around 15$ + taxes in Canada.
I assume you use concealer for the dark circles? Concealer + foundation + powder is the best combination if you have imperfections and the like to hide.

You could also add a touch of pale pink lipstick or gloss.
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