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I'm cheap and can't sew, so I usually buy most of the clothing I use for cosplay at thrift stores (unless I get uber lucky and someone makes something FOR me). Lately I've been on the hunt for some neat Gijinka Squirtle Squad Leader stuff. Unfortunately, there is no reference picture for this--since I thought it up upon seeing a friend's Squirtle Squad sunglasses and have yet to see artwork.

Stuff I have fathered so far:
* Neon Blue Tights and Black Fishnet Tights
* Neon Blue Suspenders
* Black Pleated Miniskirt
* Smexy Leather Knee-High Boots~!
* Squirtle Squad Minion

Stuff I hope to add:
* Neon Blue "Misa-style" Wig
* Leathery Material to use for "Converting" a Mini Backpack into a Shell?
* Custom T-Shirt with "ZENIGAME"% on the Front?
* Black Fingerless Gloves or Fishnet/Mesh Arm Warmers?
* "Plushie Explosives"@
* The Tail

Stuff I'm getting help with:
* Squirtle Squad Sunglasses
* Squirtle Squad Flag +

+ As for the Flag, I recall there was an episode in which Satoshi/Ash's Squirtle and the Squirtle Squad were in a fire fighting competition and had a big flag of some sort. I may look up pictures of it or just make my own.

@ The Squirtle Squad appears to carry around a lot of explosives. They look like Bobombs from Mario, so I might buy a few plushies and throw 'em at people like BOOM! ^_^

% Zenigame is Squirtle's name in Japanese. I think it sounds cooler so I'm using that on the shirt.


So there ya have it. My idea for the Squirtle Squad Leader, Gijinka-fied. Suggestions are welcomed and even encouraged!

On a side note, I thought it would be cooler if the leader was a girl. Something about that cracks me up. All these little Squirtle being bossed around by a girl Squirtle. XD That's why I made her kind of punkish and girly.

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