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Originally Posted by Sarinilli View Post
Question. Does anyone have these contacts? If so I'd -love- to see some pictures of how they look in medium to dark toned or any tone of Hazel eyes.

This site:

These lenses:
Light Hazel Enhanced Contact Lenses
Honey Lenses by Color Fusion

Hime: The first set (light hazel enhance) I just listed may fit what you want. They claim to totally hide your natural eye colour. ^^

Also, if you click the Crazy Contact Lenses button, a little over half way down the page are some bright opaque yellow lenses that I've seen people use and do indeed turn your eyes crayon yellow.

Be careful with the Fusion set of lenses... they DO NOT change your eye colour completely, they're nice for a natural look/touch though. I got the
Lilac Enhanced Contact Lenses But they weren't very vibrant... Maybe lighter eyes have a better chance with them, but they are not really made for dark eyes, I even e-mailed the the people of the site and asked if they would show up really well on dark eyes and they said "no." So I am very cautious of ordering anything from there if I'm not 100% sure of how it will really look since they photo shop their pictures and by some chance if they do have their model wearing the lenses their eyes are very very light in colour.

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