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Ah! Miku Hatsune
i plan on cosplaying her this year as well ^^

so you want to look childish and adorable?
i'm not sure how much help i can be
since most people say i have a natural "Loli" look
and i look like i'm 10
(which is good and bad lol)
since i'm not sure what your face looks like right now
i'll just try to give some adive best i can. O.O

i go for more of the fair/light skin
i don't add blush or anything (partially because i have rosatia (sp?) XD so it gives me a narutal blush thing)
but for others i would say definately go for a light
pink blush. not a rosy one
since Miku is a vocaloid and her skin is paler
a rosy bluch would look weird so
light pink but still noticeable to an extent.
also for pictures
blow your cheeks up a bit
but not to much to where it look unnatural
or make sure your smile is very childish and cute
think kid in a candy store..>>
that gets me smiling XD

what works for me also is to make my eyes look wider
you can do this in a few ways
either just widen your eyes whenever
or don't put eyeliner right under your eye
put it a bit lower
and for the top
put the eyeliner more rounded
and also if you can
make your voice more cutesy
it doesn't help in pictures
but it makes people see you as more adorable
i think..>>
i've tried it..but i'm still not sure if it's because i look 10 or not
it might work

sorry i'm not much help >.<
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