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Name of Store: Cosworx
Website/ gallery :
Item: Wisp in silver/gray
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This is part review, part info for new buyers. I wanted to order Wisp in silver/gray to add blue dye on top of for a Franziska von Karma wig. I'd been looking at the wig for a while but hadn't ordered it. Then the silver/gray was sold out, right as I was going to place my order. I contacted Admin for the ETA when this wig would be back in stock, but it was longer than I wanted to wait (since I had a friend willing to help me dye the wig and she would be busy in mid-May).

So I turned to Ebay and searched for the wig and, lo and behold, Cosworx has a store on Ebay! And they had the Wisp in silver/gray in stock! I messaged Admin back (he was very prompt in replying to PMs) and told him what I found. He replied that they probably did have one in stock for Ebay. I placed my order via Ebay, paid with Paypal, and the wig arrived pretty quickly.

Here's the part that concerned me - Admin said that they probably had one in stock for Ebay, but their Ebay store listed three of that wig available.

My advice - if Cosworx is sold out, search for one of their exclusive wigs on Ebay to find their seller page. There's a chance that you could acquire a sold-out wig that way... but maybe not. I didn't personally have a problem since I only needed the one wig.

Final rating:
B/B+ (because I had to do more digging than just ordering off their page, and had it been a non-exclusive wig, I would have gone to Amphigory or another online store)
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