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Thank you for the Merchant page~!

I will be certain to review the few eBay sellers my friends and I have bought from in the past, though I want to get this review out of the way first…

Commissioner: Ghost613
Character commissioned: Rikku (Wig) from Final Fantasy X-2

I bought from Ghost on a rush Rikku wig commission. She knew my deadline and how desperately I needed to have it finished as I had a performance and my original commissioner had backed-out last minute. Ghost charged me over $80 for the wig and at no time during our communication did she give me a breakdown of materials and styling fees. She never referred me to her website or her page of policies; this “oversight” would soon become the bane of my Trainer Rikku cosplay experience.

A week and a half after she accepted my Paypal payment, I had not heard from her. When I emailed her, she confessed she had not begun work on my wig. The base wig hadn't even arrived at her home. I requested my money back—thinking she couldn't make a quality product in time for my engagement—but she messaged me and, suddenly, the wig had come in the mail and she was working on it.

Later that evening, Ghost told me the wig was complete and sent me pictures of the completed product. I was appalled. The color I needed was a warm, butter-colored blonde and what I saw was dishwater blonde with bright platinum streaks. The ponytail was low on the nape, while the character’s is high on her crown and the beads were small, cheap, children’s supplies. Residue from glue was visible around the tiny beads. While the character’s whole head is covered in braids, the wig Emma created only had about four small braids dangling off the top. The bandana was sloppily sewn and seemingly glued to the cap of the wig. The ponytail was short and scraped at the shoulders, not at all like the two and a half-foot ponytail the character has in the game. The wig she had created and the wig I asked her to make were nowhere near the same.

I told her these things and asked for a refund as I was completely unsatisfied. She refused. When I pressed her, she sent me this message:

“What part of non contestable do you not understand? This is not a disputable claim, as I am only following my policy. I can't make exceptions for every whiny little girl who thinks they deserve more money…Considering the fact that I have two other VERY tight deadlines you are distracting me from, I was doing a favor for you and I spent hours of my Friday afternoon slaving over your wig so you'd have something to wear at your convention, you are being very unreasonable. You say this has been a stressful experience for you? It's been twice as stressful for me, as you are a HORRIBLE client to work with. I mean the worst…I hardly ever even break even on these stupid wigs since I charge so little for them. $XX is cheap ASS for a Rikku commission. You wanna know what other commissioners charge for her? $270. Plus, you're assuming I can actually sell it, which is going to be trying in it's own right. The cost of materials was not brought to your attention as you never asked. I have done price breakdowns for pretty much all of my clients…Yeah, I know you're upset, but I'm only following my policy.”

Many things are wrong with this message: for one, she never sent me her policies, only after I expressed my unhappiness did she slap me in the face with her website. Second, she never sent me a price breakdown. Not once did she mention the base wig or styling fee and she expects me to ask for such a breakdown, even though she claims to send such information to all her customers. Finally, after many patient messages on my end, she became irrational and crude. She swore at me, she demeaned me; she called me a “whiny little girl” and a “horrible client.” It was her executive choice to take my rush commission. She claims to have had so many other projects on her hands, but she should have turned me down if she did not think she could properly satisfy her customers in such a short amount of time.

I never received the wig I commissioned from Ghost. She did not mail it to me. At this moment in time, Ghost has my wig up for sale on the Marketplace and is trying to sell it to other, unsuspecting, users. I opened a Paypal dispute that lasted for well over a month but before I could reply at length—as my father had just been in a car accident and I was a bit preoccupied—she escaladed the dispute to a claim. At that point in the game, both parties are cut from communication and Paypal reviews all they have said. Well, I was too busy with my father to formulate a response while the dispute was still open and, in the end, Paypal ruled in her favor based solely on her side of the story—the only side that was posted, as I was never given a chance to properly respond.

Not only has Ghost caused me undue stress and anguish through her boorish messages and underhanded manipulations, but she forced me to cancel the performance I had been looking forward to and planning for months because I did not have the proper equipment to perform. Ghost is not a commissioner you want to work with!

Final Grade: F-

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