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Originally Posted by BiZ View Post
I opened a Paypal dispute that lasted for well over a month but before I could reply at length—as my father had just been in a car accident and I was a bit preoccupied—she escaladed the dispute to a claim. At that point in the game, both parties are cut from communication and Paypal reviews all they have said. Well, I was too busy with my father to formulate a response while the dispute was still open and, in the end, Paypal ruled in her favor based solely on her side of the story—the only side that was posted, as I was never given a chance to properly respond.
If it was somewhat recently I would give calling paypal a shot. Explain your full situation and demand a supervisor if they start to give you the run around. Just make it clear to them the fact that you never received the wig. Even if you weren't happy with the product that still is no reason for her to not send it to you. If her own policy states that she will hold onto products then she should just close shop now.
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