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Kuro Yue
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Name of Merchant: CosWorx
Items purchased: Angela 750 in silver-white (x2), black; Amanda in white, Monica in 4, Scruffy in 12
Links to picture(s) of your received item: Only have photos of the Scruffy and Monica in my gallery ATM (will link back to them soon)
Timeline (how long your order took to process): One to two days.
Describe your Experience
Pros: All of the wigs came within/exactly two weeks of receiving the processing e-mail (I live in Alberta, Canada). In the case of the Amanda and black Angela, they were received in one week and nine days, respectively.
Cons: Choosing the colour I needed for the Monica and Scruffy was really difficult, especially concerning the Monica, as the colour pictures for the New Look brand were very bad quality and I didn't know if the colour was supposed to be as mottled as it appeared.
Comments: I'm very happy with the wigs I've purchased from them insofar, the quality has been awesome. I'd just like more photos of the wigs on the Cosworx page, instead of having to sift through a really long thread just to come up empty-handed.
Final Grade: A-
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