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Name of Commissioner - / nugrosjp / Ajie Nugroho

Website/ gallery -

Character commissioned and series/video game - Itsuki Koizumi & Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Two sets of full costumes
consisting of a white blouse, brown pants, red tie, and the blue school boy uniform jacket).

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item -

Timeline - Inquired about both costumes January 24th and recieved quotes Janurary 25th, Full payment and measurements and pictures were sent January 29th, Costumes arrived March 1st (My set date of finishing was March 7th, so it came almost a week earlier than planned ^^!)

Describe your Experience -
Since my cosplay group wished to cosplay the complete S.O.S Brigade for Sakura-Con 2008, we originally had planned for myself to make all 5 costumes by myself but decided against it since I didn't have the time to make 2 full uniform costumes while I was making the three other female girl uniforms as well as styling 5 wigs. So because it was going to be my first commission it took a bit of time looking around for a recommended commissioner, which was how I heard about Nugrosjp. I went through their gallery on and felt insured from their previous work that they would be able to do the job beautifully and went through the Commissioner Reviews Thread for previous cosplay members' experiances with them.

Pros - They only took one day to get back to me with a quote for the two uniforms and told me it was going to cost $340 for both including the shipping to the USA (which I am guessing the shipping must of cost around $40 since they had shipped it by EMS and I ship and buy items internationally quite a bit). So not counting the shipping the costumes had cost around $150 each, which was extremely reasonable considering there were 4 pieces to each costume. Mid-way through the commission they had notified me that they had thought one or two of my body measurements were incorrect, and on inspection were indeed incorrect like they had said and went and revised the measurements to what they had advised. I was very happy they contacted me for further clarification on the measurments instead of continuing on to do the costumes with incorrect measurements, since I had rather wait for perfect fitting costumes than recieve costumes early but did not fit correctly. I never recieved any progress photos but that was my fault because I never had asked for any. However on February 24th they sent an email to me showing the final costumes before they were going to ship them out (they actually called it a 99% progress photo). The photo was dark so I proceeded to ask them if the pants they had made were black or dark brown since I couldn't tell from the photo, they promptly replied and told me the pants were dark brown just like I had asked for. After my responce to that email in which I said I was happy with what they did, they sent me a reply with the EMS tracking number and told me to check it the following day Feb 25 (so I'm guessing they shipped it out that day because thats what the tracking said). When I recieved the costumes they were packaged and folded very nicely with tons of their business cards (and I mean like 20 of their cards XD!). The costumes were both extremely accurate and professionally embroidered and hemed with quality fabric. The buttons and pockets on the jackets and pants were all real and useable. Also even though I didn't ask them to, they went ahead and professionally lined both the jackets, as well as added removeable shoulder pads onto the insides of the jackets. Both costumes had fit perfectly for my friends, nothing was too tight or too big. I can't begin to describe how well made both of the costumes are, they had looked like they could've been bought from the store.

Cons - None whatsoever, except that I would have liked some more in progress pictures of the costumes. But since this was my fault for not asking for any, I will not mark them off for this since the rest of the commission was done so beautifully.

Final Comments - I most definately will continue to order from Nugrosjp from now on as well as recommend them to other cosplayers that ask. The costumes were done not only almost a week earlier than expected but accurate with high quality materials, fitted perfectly, prompt communication (always answered within 1-2 days) and professionally made. I am currently commissioning Sakura & Syaoran 2006 CLAMP Calendar Art costumes from them and so will review those commissions in a few months once I recieve them, hopefully the commissions will go as smoothly as this one had.

Final Grade - A+
Sakura-Con '10 - FFXIII (Lightning)
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