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Originally Posted by Ghost613 View Post
I did not mail you the wig because you said you didn't want it. I also gave you a refund, as per stated in my policies, which you told me you had read already after I sent them to you.
I'm not saying that you have no right to post your review, but please do not mislead people. If you want, I have plenty of your PMs where you were equally hostile, including an email saying "I hope you're happy you son of a bitch."
The dispute ruled in my favor merely because I fulfilled all that was required of me though the contract of a business transaction (which is to send you the wig or refund you). I even offered to send you the wig, or to resell the wig FOR you and give you all the profit, but you refused.
The reason I had not started the wig was because of one of Cosworx's shipping slip ups.
I'm very sorry that your father was in a car accident.
Now how did I know you would try and make more things up?

Do you believe I am so spiteful as to "mislead people" for my own enjoyment? Your thinking is seriously warped: you never sent me your policies until I expressed my distaste for the item; I tried to work with you and you sent me rude messages. You only offered to send the wig a month after my event and before I could even properly reply to your offer, you took the dispute, made it into a claim and gave me no opportunity to post a reply. I ask you: on what grounds am I misleading people? I am allowed to describe my experience, my side of the transaction in my own words, so other cosplayers are not scammed as I was.

If you'd like to get nit-picky, I can always point out how you decided you needed to keep my shipping charge, despite the fact that it was never sent.

And please do not put false sentences in my mouth. I haven't communicated with you since the dispute and I am sorry to hear someone emailed you something so nasty. But it was not I, and I am insulted you believe it so. How am I to even know you received such a message? You could be lying—as you did so many times to me—in an attempt to downplay the severity of my review. I can honestly tell all those reading the content of your last post was mostly fabricated and I wouldn’t put it past you to doctor evidence to make me seem like the bad guy.

You apology means nothing to me. I can tell you have no remorse. The money refunded could have helped pay for my father's back brace but obviously you are too greedy and selfish to help an old man regain mobility. This thread is not for discussion of reviews and I don't want to get into trouble with the kind thread-owner; I have no further business with you. You are a terrible commissioner and a horrible person with a bad temper and I made my review as kind as possible. Trust me, there is plenty more I wanted to say.

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