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Originally Posted by Ghost613 View Post
I did not mail you the wig because you said you didn't want it. I also gave you a refund, as per stated in my policies, which you told me you had read already after I sent them to you.

The dispute ruled in my favor merely because I fulfilled all that was required of me though the contract of a business transaction (which is to send you the wig or refund you). I even offered to send you the wig, or to resell the wig FOR you and give you all the profit, but you refused.
I'm really doubting you read your own reply here. When a claim is opened through paypal it only ends in someone receiving money, commissioner retains the money or the the customer receives a refund. If you had actually refunded her the money then the claim would have been closed with no real result since the matter was settled outside of Paypal. So either A, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about (which I still wonder how the hell you even have a Paypal account at the age of 16) or you're trying to scramble for an excuse for why you scammed this girl.

Originally Posted by Ghost613 View Post
I'm not saying that you have no right to post your review, but please do not mislead people. If you want, I have plenty of your PMs where you were equally hostile, including an email saying "I hope you're happy you son of a bitch."
Having worked for a company that made custom video game controllers for the music game community my boss and myself have taken quite alot of crap from impatient customers, those with far too high expectations (completely metal controller for $200 bucks wired? Yea ok the parts would end up being $200 total alone) to those who were just not happy we didn't hand deliver it and give out free back massages. That being said with every insane threat, insult and just attitude we had to deal with it has never even crossed either of our minds to act in the manner you did. Don't even pretend to act like you didn't say it either, the first thing off of your fingers was an attempt to excuse your words. It is SO unprofessional its ridiculous and don't even try to hide behind your little brother for this one.

If you're not making any money doing commissions that is your own problem, not her's. You agreed to make it for whatever price you two agreed on and you have no one else to thank but yourself if you end up screwed in the end.

Now as much as I really want to, I am not going to sit here and tell you you should quit before you get further behind when it comes to commissions but I am going to tell you that there's no way in hell I would ever commission you. If it wasn't for your business practices, which are crap at best looking at your terms of service, it would be for the fact that you're still a minor and thus can not actually legally enter into a contract with someone. And boy, do you act like one.
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