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Name of Store: Cosworx
Website/ gallery :
Item: Wisp in #24 and Kelly in #1, then Scruffy in #1
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
My first order was the Wisp in #24 and the Kelly in #1. Paypal payment cleared by April 16th and by either the 19th or the 20th, I don't remember which exactly, I had the wigs in hand.
After this, I realized I needed another wig for ACen, which I'll be leaving for on May 15th. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't get my wig in time after hearing about shipping delays, even though my first order went so well.
My second order was for a Scruffy in #1 after finding out the Wisp in #1 was sold out (and not knowing about the Ebay sales :/). Payment through PayPal cleared the 7th and I received the wig on the 10th.

Final rating:
A+. The Kelly wig is such a nicer wig than my CosplayWig that I wore last year. Whether it's the length that makes the difference (last years wig was waist-length.), I'm not sure, but they really do feel different.
Also shipping was very fast, considering I'm in Kentucky. I bought a phone around the same time I bought the wig and while both went out a day apart from one another, both by USPS and the phone is being shipped from Ohio, I already have my wigs and no phone in sight.
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