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Originally Posted by wpuzzle View Post
Name of Commissioner: / nugrosjp / Ajie Nugroho

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned: Simon from Gurren-Lagann (jacket only)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received.

Timeline: Paid full early November 2007, deadline was early February 2008.

Describe your Experience

Pros: Communication was good before I paid it full.
- Extremely poor communication after I paid in full.
- He blamed me for not giving him reference pictures of the back of the jacket even when I did. Not to mention I specifically requested him to ask me first before making it if I ever forgot to include anything, or if any details at all were unclear. He did not fulfill this request, and went on to make it based on his own judgment.
- He did not send a final progress picture before shipping it even if I requested him to do so beforehand.
- He did not inform me that he had shipped it (if he did at all...).
- I sent an email of complaint regarding my missed deadline, which he never replied, until I posted on his thread on spamboard (before the site adopted Marketplace). He almost never replied to my emails asking him about the status of my commission, until I mentioned that I decided to file a dispute on Paypal, at which point he acted rude and told me to appreciate him more for what he had done for me. (Which made me ponder, because there wasn't a single thing he did right for me, most of which I tolerated).

Final Grade: F.
(My apologies, but I'm done being blamed, talked back at, and waiting for an expensive costume which never arrives. ='3 I pretty much feel like being scammed, because I gave my money away for a rude commissioner and no product. Will only change the grade if the commissioner is willing to give me a refund, but he's been ignoring me, so I suppose that's it.)
After speaking with the commissioner regarding this review, I've recently received a refund of the costume. Hence I would like to nullify this review because since I received a refund, essentially, the commissioner doesn't receive payment and I don't receive product, hence the transaction has been canceled. It would be great if the grade for this commissioner could be taken off the front page of this thread. I will also edit my post accordingly. Thank you.
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