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Originally Posted by Opium_Roses View Post
I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd contribute. I've had a bit of experience with theater makeup and eye makeup was my business so here it goes.

A good way to get your eyes to open up more: light pink eyeliner and black mascara. The light pink eyeliner you only apply to the bottom eyelid right behind the eyelashes, like you would with regular eyeliner. If you find this too hard for you to do, which is the case for some people because of the way their eyes are, then a little bit in the corner of the eye near the nose helps. I find that putting it on both points of the eye actually does the opposite and narrows your eyes down. It's very subtle, but it's done wonders to open eyes up and make them seem wider and more innocent.

The mascara helps to pop the lashes. If it's during the day, use a smaller amount of mascara. At night, I would use more since it's darker out and harder to see the little details like that. Night makeup is usually thicker and a little heavier, trying to show more in less light. After applying the mascara, get out the chunky bits and separate the lashed with a comb and then curl them.

Another trick, which may not be appropriate for all occassions, but a little makeup glitter in the corner of the eye (the part closer to the nose) helps too. Something like a little gold or pink. DO NOT USE WHITE. I can't emphasize this enough, white is tacky on the eyes unless it's used as an undertone on eye shadow. White eye shadow is okay in moderation. Application of white eye shadow should be done as an undertone to pop other colors on the lid or a curve, a thin one, directly above the eye lid to widen the eyes. I only recommend using white eye shadow when using light/pastel colors on your eyes (i.e. light blue, pink, light purple, yellow, etc.).

I find that if you're going for opening the eyes, eye shadow in general should be a no-go. I think that it weighs the lids down too much. Simplicity is your friend.

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eekers! i has a question for you about white eyeshadow! i use it as a highlight for my eyebrow. is that okay? i have tanned skin so i thought it would be since it takes a lot of pigment to show up on me... is it?
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