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Okay so I'm Asian (but that doesn't mean i don't know how to put makeup on Caucasian eyes) and this is what i do to get my eyes to look big. First, I don't emphasize on putting a lot of eyeliner on (although a moderate amount would be appropriate) but putting lots of mascara on, if you do want to put eyeliner on then please use the smudging technique to make the eyeliner look more subtle ( Putting on lots of eyeliner actually makes your eyes look smaller). When applying mascara what you want to do is make sure you curled your eye lashes in the proper position. What you want to do is curl your eye lashes as close as possible to your eye then curl them again halfway down through your eyelash (This method is to help secure the eyelashes from "de curling" themselves once you add the mascara). Second, if you really want to make them seem bigger add a little bit of white eyeliner to the outer edges of the eyes (not too much otherwise you're going to look like the girl from the grudge ).
Third, usually this step depends on your eye color..... to be straight forward, if your eyes are blue put on eyeshadow that is darker such as brown ( the reason for this is because shades that are the opposite color from what your natural eye colors are, make your natural colors look brighter. For example: if see the color white set next to the color black, you're going to notice a big color difference so if you set your blue eyes in with a darker shade it's going to poke out more and seem like it's bigger). The same goes for dark brown eyes except instead of using dark brown eyeshadow you'd use white eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger. I hope this might help a little this is what i usually do with my eyes, but it may not be the tip for everyone though

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