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Name of Merchant - Amphigory

Website -

Item Purchased (Please Include Quantity) – 1x Femme Fatale Wig in #27

Links to picture(s) of your received item -
I will upload pictures of the wig once I have time.

Timeline (How Long Your Order Took To Process) – I ordered the wig on May 6th and payment was processed on May 8th. Package was shipped May 8th as well.

Describe your Experience -

Pros – Including processing time and UPS Ground shipping, the wig took exactly 7 days to receive. I also had originally ordered a bottle of Special Effects Bright As F Yellow with my wig, but Amphigory continued to swiftly send me an email notifying me that it was back ordered 2-3 months out of stock (apparently this was labeled backordered out of stock while the item was in my cart, and it was my own fault for not noticing it was backordered) within just a few hours after I had ordered and asked for a reply on how to proceed with the order (I asked them to proceed with the wig order alone 4 hours after they sent me the notification). The next day after I sent my reply email they sent me my invoice confirming my order was processed and within the same day shipped out my wig and emailed me my tracking number.

Cons – Nothing, the small delays were my own fault for not noticing my cart for out of stock back ordered items.

Final Comments – This was my third order from Amphigory, and I wasn’t at all disappointed. Their communication was top notch and couldn’t have been more courteous or faster. And their processing and shipping time was just as good as their communication. As usual the wig I received was the exact one I had ordered and was in perfect condition and was shipped in a roomy box two times the size of the wig, so as not to damage the wig. The wig itself was high quality and brand new (I love the Femme Fatale wig, this being my 5th one) and extremely easy to style just like I wanted. Normally my wig orders take about 2 to 3 weeks to get to me when ordering from Amphigory. This was the first time I had received a wig in just one week and am extremely happy with my purchase and can’t wait to use it (I’m assuming they already had the wig on hand and didn’t need to special order it from the manufacturer).

Final Grade - A+
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