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Did you try to explain that huge zippers were part of the outside design? That they weren't meant to be as much functional as they are decorative? I've had to go so far as to draw stuff for people sometimes.

As for comments I've received myself...I think the absolute worst was the mocking tone I got from a Starbucks chick once. I was with a friend, on the way to an arcade, and I was wearing the strap between my knees that Iori Yagami wears (King of Fighters, the very game we were going to play there.) We stopped at a Starbucks and the first thing I get is a cocked eyebrow and a "Why are you wearing that?"

"Homage to a video game character I'm going to use in half an hour to beat this fool senseless." *thumb to my friend*

She still laughed awkwardly. I think people need to get out more and realize there's more to life than "" and purses and American Idol.
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