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Originally Posted by Tallus View Post
She still laughed awkwardly. I think people need to get out more and realize there's more to life than "" and purses and American Idol.
I'm not sure that only total ditzes would inquire as to why any sensible person would go around wearing a strap between their pantlegs. :P

If you're going to go out in public looking abnormal, people are going to treat you as if you're abnormal. It's something that cosplayers need to either accept or deal with in an appropriate and civil manner.

Yes, I've gotten comments before, but you learn to take them in stride. After all, wearing a fur-trimmed coat and polyester pants and carrying around some kind of crazy wizard staff doesn't exactly make me look like a respectable member of society, and I don't expect to be treated like one while wearing it. Yes, "cosplayers are people too," but everyone knows that if you're not conforming to societal norms or expectations (and this goes for attire), you won't be treated with as much respect as someone who does. Although it is a bit disconcerting that conformity is considered crucial enough that someone would notice something as minor as an oddly positioned strap on your pants, sometimes people can't help but laugh awkwardly when obscure references or hobbies are explained to them, and I wouldn't hold it against them.

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