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Originally Posted by radioheart View Post
I know. They think they're so witty.
One time when I was in Wal Mart, I was walking around with a wing on and a witch hat, because I wanted to see if they were okay (plus, I was going to buy them) and some lady was like, "Isn't it too early for Halloween?"
Me: "Well, if it's early, why do you still have your mask on?"
Shut her up. XD
I know, it was sorta mean, but it just came out.
Hahaha Ouch~

I find it kind of weird that I have only received these kind of comments while there is a con going on, and not the one time I cosplayed in my own home town for no reason.

Then again, I only did it once, and I live in a super-hippie-liberal town with a lot of crazy stores and stuff. Heck, Rikku and Paine running around town is normal compared to some of our more wild crossdressers! ^^

Blah and now I'm slightly getting off topic. What I'm trying to say is: if you really have the urge to run around in cosplay for no reason but don't want to be harassed a lot, find yourself a hippie-liberal town :P LOL
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